Vrh "X" - "X" Litter

* 28.04.2010 - 1 black girl, 2 golden girls
Claramand Back In Time Valentine z Vejminku
Claramand Back In Time Valentine z Vejminku
Claramand Back In Time
1 x CACIB, 1x r.CACIB
prcd PRA clear, FN clear

Claramand Chico Time

Claramand Serious Black

Claramand Up Front
Fendrove In No Angel of Claram.

Claramand OO-La-La

Claramand Rewind To Glenbrow
Claramand Pirouette

Claramand Black Ice

Claramand Chances Are For Christiol

Claramand Hell´s Angel
Judika Little Mischief

Claramand In Gold

Paisley´s Dream Maker For Clar.
Claramand Looking Good At Fe.
Valentine z Vejminku
HD 1/0 (B/A)
prcd PRA carrier, FN clear
ICH. Quettadene Once More
DKK 0/0,  (HD A)   (black)
SH.CH. Asqanne´s Glenfiddich SH.CH. Asquanne´s Gonzales
Michenda Something Special At D.
SH.CH. Quettadene Desdemona Quettadene Debonair
Quettadene Harmony
JunChamp. Jozelah Words and Music
DKK 1/2, HD B/C, (golden)
prcd PRA clear
FN clear
Quettadene Footsteps (black) SH.CH. Canigou Cambrai BIS Cruft 1996
Quettadene Melissa
SH.CH. Jozelah Short Story (golden) Olanza Peace Envoy to Jozelah
Jozelah Enchanting Dream


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