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Bio-Derm Laboratories is a perfect example of the American Dream come true! Claus Pohl, the founder of Bio-Derm, emigrated from Germany in 1954. He arrived in this country with few possessions, but he came with a brilliant mind and a strong desire to use his talents to provide for his family.

As a chemist, he quickly found a job to apply his skills. He worked for a petroleum company in Oklahoma and then moved to Texas taking a chemist job for Eastman Kodak. His knowledge in chemistry led him to develop a shampoo for dogs that would effectively kill fleas and ticks plus be gentle on the skin and condition the coat.

Claus thrived on the challenge of creating superior products, and when he completed his formula, groomers became his first customers. At first, the shampoo was made from his home, and as the demand for his shampoo increased, he put the entire family to work filling orders. The rest as they say is history.

Today, Bio-Derm Laboratories manufacturers over 60 different kinds of shampoo, conditioners, and other specialized grooming products for dogs and cats in a state of the art manufacturing plant in Longview, Texas. The products are made with the very same standards of perfection established by Claus Pohl, and Bio-Groom is still a family owned business. Bio-Groom products are sold through distribution centers in the United States, Canada and over 40 other countries around the world. 

Sole importer of BIO-GROOM products for the Czech Republic

All products are registered with the Institute for State Control of Bio Products and Drugs in Brno.

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